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Pattern makers who Give so you can Get

Pet Stitch (Likeness)

Pattern provided by: Shannen Nicole Chua


RFC Bears
(Basic Shape)

Pattern provided by: Marina B.


Friends & Family who help plant the seeds that will continue to grow

Thank you. Without your contribution there would be no RFC 🌻💌


If your interest in RAW FIELDS Crochet, LLC goes beyond getting and giving the standard way, e-mail for details regarding sponsoring a seed to sell.

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**Non-Profit and charitable organizations recognized by the IRS can be reviewed here 


**Yarn Ball Bank**

🧶$0.99 -- 🧶🧶$3.99 -- 🧶🧶🧶$4.99<

Search the SKU number listed to view the color


Mini Maker Yellow SKU-1527845 🧶
Teal Blue SKU-1625276 🧶🧶
Teal Green SKU-1625243 🧶🧶
Silver Grey SKU-1625227 🧶🧶
Apple Green SKU-1625268 🧶🧶
Chilli Red SKU-1671239 🧶🧶
Mini Maker Brown SKU-1527803 🧶
Off Brand Yellow SKU-398834 🧶🧶🧶
Mini Maker Teal SKU-1667724 🧶
Mini Maker Pink SKU-1527761 🧶
Mini Maker Red SKU-1527753 🧶
Kale SKU-1625243 🧶🧶
White SKU-1345693 🧶🧶
Grey SKU-1345792 🧶🧶
Mini Maker Orange SKU-1527829 🧶

Hot Pink SKU-1625318 🧶🧶

Mini Maker Green SKU-1527811 🧶

Mini Maker Light Blue SKU-1527787 🧶

Tobacco SKU-1671247 🧶🧶

Gold SKU-1667690 🧶🧶

Purple SKU-1345826 🧶🧶

Black SKU-1345701 🧶🧶

Mini Maker Royal Blue SKU-1527795 🧶

Mustard SKU-1625201 🧶🧶

Additional color options can be viewed on the Hobby Lobby website. Soft & Sleek style is recommended but not always required.