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The Get & Give Process

RAW FIELDS Crochet is a home-grown business founded with the intent to provide a Get & Give exchange of tangible and joy-invoking goods.

Every hand-crafted item you get will be a made-to-order crochet piece specific to your requests. With what you get a $10 minimum of what you give in the purchase price can be donated to a

non-profit or charitable organization of your choosing.  

Any nonprofit organization or charity recognized by the IRS can be considered when deciding the recipient of the donation portion of your purchase. 


Confirming your order

🌻 Select an item shown on The Will for Ways to Give page

🌻 Describe any special requests regarding the product design colors and donation recipient in the 'Comment or Request' section of the checkout page and complete the checkout process

🌻 You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order details once confirmation of your payment has been received

Confirmation of your order should take no longer than 24-hrs unless RFC is experiencing an abnormal increase in activity.

🌻 Select the 'Let's make it work' button on

The Will for Ways to Give or The Can-Do List page 

🌻 Describe the details of your crochet request and the donation recipient in an e-mail sent to

🌻 You will receive a quote via e-mail to approve and then an invoice to fulfill  *How to pay an invoice*

Quoting your request should take no longer than 48-hrs unless RFC is experiencing an abnormal increase in activity. Extra time may be needed to source materials.

Hand-Crafting Order ICON.jpg

Hand-crafting the order as requested

My yarn is bought, balled, sanitized, and then stored in plastic storage bins until needed. My hands, tools, and workspace are sanitized before beginning and continuing a project.

Crafting your made-to-order item will begin 1-3 days after your payment is processed. Processing a payment made through Wix Payments will take at least 5 to 7 days. For a more immediate response time, you may send money with Zelle® to

Although RFC has an immeasurable amount of support, I am a one-woman show regarding the crafting of your item. The generalized time it takes to craft an item can be found in the product description.

Orders confirmed by payment are made-to-order in the order they are received.

Shipping Final.jpg

Shipping & Delivery

Once the product you get is complete an online payment will be made or, a check for the donation RFC will give on your behalf will be written and sent in the mail together with your personalized crochet item or collection.

Domestic deliveries arrive in 1-3 business days depending on where your package is going. Tracking and insurance are included in your purchase price.

You can find the expected craft time for each crochet creation in the product description.

Your personalized gift can not be placed in the mail for shipping nor can the donation portion of your Get & Give process be executed until your payment has been completed and processed.

Get & Give

The expected time from Give to Get is based on my average time to craft and the USPS flat rate shipping guarantee.


Although I may not personally know who you are I appreciate the time you have given to receive the experience you are getting.

To those who get to give, I appreciate your contribution to my personal business growth and your choice to help me help others by way of donation.


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