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EXPECTED SIZE: 8-10 inches tall based on the character




Character-colored yarn is shown in the images. The availability of alternate yarn color options is dependent on the availability of the Hobby Lobby Soft & SleekYarn Bee brand of yarn, in-store or online for purchase.


The USPS flat rate shipping cost includes 1 - 3 day delivery, tracking, and insurance.


The $10 donation included in the purchase price will be sent to an artist of Dei Johnson's choosing unless otherwise is requested. A record of the donation made on your behalf by RAW FIELDS Crochet, LLC. will be provided along with your made-to-order handcrafted crochet gift.

Dei's Character Doll

  • The arms, legs, and , body/ head are crafted separately and then crocheted together. The longevity of our creation's quality is based on the quality of its activity.  Steam to clean if needed.

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